Sweet Candy Splash HD


Collect bright candies and get lots of points


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Sweet Candy Splash HD is a game of logic and skill where you face levels bursting with bright candies that you have to make disappear if you want to get to the next level.

The gameplay here is simple, as all you do is match a minimum of three candies in the same color to get rid of them and shuffle all the remaining ones around the board. Obviously you've got to plan your upcoming moves in advance if you want to get anywhere in the game.

Do make sure you make all your moves before time's up or you'll have to redo the level. As you splash through the candies you'll find some that give you extra time and get you even more points in the levels. And once you beat them you can go back and do them again to top your own score and show off your candy-matching chops in the global leaderboards.